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Tree Pruning

We have many years of experience and educated at Capel manor in London and Julita Sweden. References Tullgarn castle, Sweden ...

Registered Green card in fruit tree pruning at Julita 2009 and registered on the Swedish gardening association> (svensk trädgårdsriksförbund) tree pruning list.

When we prune trees we are developing their future growth. Such as a parent raises a child, they nurture and steer the child in the directions of his/her strengths and abilities.

Hazard Reduction Pruning

Hazard reduction pruning (HRP) is recommended when the primary objective is to reduce the danger to a specific target caused by visibly defined hazards in a tree. the primary objective if a tree had many dead limbs over a park bench.

Maintenance Pruning

Maintenance pruning (MP) is recommended when the primary objective is to maintain or improve tree health and structure, and includes hazard reduction pruning.

  • Remove or prune laterals that interfere with buildings, roofs, windows, or obstruct streets or sidewalks.
  • Remove deadwood
  • Remove diseased or weak limbs that could pose a hazard in the future.
  • Perform weight reduction by selective removal of branches as needed to create a better structure that lessens wind and storm damage.
  • Repair storm damage
  • Thinning or removal of unnecessary branches to better develop the tree growth
  • Improving the shape when necessary